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Private rentals or agency hire provides thousands of holiday homes for everyone. Both private rentals and agency hire.

Private holiday rentals

Private cottage rental is what you find here. We have hundreds of vacation rentals from private home owners, often at cheap rates.

We create direct contact between the tenant and home owner / administrator, and in this way we avoid any costly intermediaries.

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Get an overview - save search time

With us you get in one search a really good view of the majority of Danish holiday homes currently for rent.

You save yourself a lot of search time, because you can avoid making the same search on several different websites.

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Smooth agency rental

In addition to private homes, we have over 20,000 houses from Danish agencies. Therefore you get an incredible view of most rental cottages in Denmark - in one search.

Agency rental is smooth, you book and pay online and thus get quick clarification.

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The land of cosiness

Book a vacation rental holiday in Denmark and you will never regret it!

In fact, Danish holiday homes have become very famous around the world for their cosy and relaxing atmosphere. In Danish we say that the houses are ’hyggelige’.

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Søndervig, 12 pers
Available week 39. Luxury Holiday Home, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Beachvolley.
Ebeltoft, 8 pers
Discounts midweek or weekends in september. Luxury house with spa, sauna and internet.
Rømø, Toftum, 8 pers
Available 24/9-30/9 + week 41. Great Roemoe cottage. Spa and sauna.
Skagen, 16 pers
Reduced Price!
Ebeltoft, 9 pers
Reduced Price!
Bøsøre, 6 pers
Reduced Price!
Hee, Stadil Fjord, 7 pers
Reduced Price!
Jegum Ferieland, 4 pers
Reduced Price!
Nr. Lyngby / Nørre Lyngby, 10 pers
Reduced Price!
Spøttrup, 30 pers
Reduced Price!
Søndervig, 10 pers
Reduced Price!
Langeland, Ennebølle, 6 pers
from 0 EUR weekly
Langeland, Dageløkke, 6 pers
from 0 EUR weekly
Bork Havn, 6 pers
from 0 EUR weekly
Spøttrup, 30 pers
from 0 EUR weekly
Ebeltoft, 8 pers
from 0 EUR weekly
Brædstrup, 6 pers
from 0 EUR weekly
Nr. Nebel / Nørre Nebel, 6 pers
from 0 EUR weekly
Sj. Odde / Sjællands Odde, 6 pers
from 0 EUR weekly
Ebeltoft, 15 pers
from 0 EUR weekly
Fjellerup, 10 pers
from 0 EUR weekly
Juelsminde, 4 pers
from 329 EUR weekly
Arrild Ferieby, 4 pers
from 249 EUR weekly
Skaven Strand, 6 pers
from 280 EUR weekly
Fjand, 6 pers
from 459 EUR weekly
Nymindegab, 4 pers
from 220 EUR weekly
Hemmet, 6 pers
from 399 EUR weekly
Nymindegab, 4 pers
from 220 EUR weekly
Hejlsminde, 4 pers
from 379 EUR weekly
Lønstrup, 6 pers
from 340 EUR weekly
Mandø, 4 pers
from 199 EUR weekly
Genuine private holiday rentals

In our area with private rental, we provide direct contact between the tenants and the houses' owners / administrators bypassing agencies.

When the expensive middleman in that way is cut off, we call it genuine private holiday rentals.

When the home owner save agency commission, the result is usually cheaper rental prices - and yet also a greater profit to the home owner himself. It's a win-win.

Flexible and comfortable agency rental

Do you prefer to rent your holiday home with an agency? Then you've come to the right place.

Our search engine browses more than 20,000 Danish holiday rentals from different agencies. So you can limit your search to only this website!

And when you need to book a house, we redirect you to the agency\s own website, where you then rent the house directly from the agency. That is both safe and flexible.

More agency rental

In addition to the agencies that we are browsing in the searches, we also recommend these: