Tenant Q&A

At HolidayHomesInDenmark.com we have made it easy for you to search for holiday homes for ren. You can get quick overview of holiday homes from private homeowners and rental agencies all over Denmark.

We are not a rental agency, but pure contact creators. We ensure that our advertisers are contacted by potential tenants, and then the parties themselves arrange all agreements and payments between each other.

Here you will find answers to the most common questions about rental of a holiday home via HolidayHomesInDenmark.com. If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact us.

Only the advertiser can answer your questions about a specific holiday home or confirm your desired booking. That means the private homeowner or the rental agency who has advertised the advertisement with us. You will find contact options at the bottom of each rental ad.

No, it is not HolidayHomesInDenmark.com that leases the holiday homes

Ads with holiday homes for rent are inspired by private homeowners or rental agencies, and HolidayHomesInDenmark.com provides only contact between the tenant and the landlord.

Everything practical about eg lease and payment is agreed directly with the advertiser. If you have questions about a holiday home or want to book a holiday home, please contact the advertiser directly via the contact options at the bottom of each rental ad.

Remember, we can not answer questions about a concrete holiday home. In that case, you will need to contact the advertiser via the contact options at the bottom of the holiday home.

But we're very much pleased to help you, if you are unsure how to use our website. We are available for help at

Private cottage rental directly with the homeowner / administrator is usually a lot cheaper than renting at a rental agency. This is due to the fact that there is no intermediary to earn on the rent.

But you usually also get a unique service by hiring privately. The private landlord knows both the house and the local area as its own pants pocket and can advise on the house itself, as well as recommendations for exciting holiday experiences.

The agency rental is flexible because you can book and pay online in a few minutes. You should not wait to receive a response to an email query, but get quick fix right away.

The rental agency is responsible for the advertisement's information on facilities and house quality. And should the house not live up to expectations, it is the bureau that assumes responsibility for solving the problem or possibly find another holiday home for you.

As you rent the holiday home directly at the advertiser, the advertiser is required to prepare a lease for you. It is the standard procedure for renting at a rental agency, and usually also for renting privately - however, there may be exceptions for private rental!

We recommend that you always require a written rental agreement before you pay to rent a holiday home. This is the best method for preventing misunderstandings about the lease agreement, and not least preventing subsequent complaints.

Be aware that a lease can easily be designed as an email - it does not have to be a separate text document.

We recommend that most of these items be included in the lease:

1. Name and address of landlord and tenant as well as email and telephone.
2. Description of the cottage.
3. Price, rental period, times of arrival and departure.
4. Additional consumption costs.
5. Payment terms.
6. Possibly deposit.
7. How to get the house key - and where to leave the key upon departure.
8. Terms for final cleaning.
9. Terms of any complaints during the stay.
10. Cancellation terms.
11. Possibly terms of insurance.

We urge our advertisers to respond quickly to all inquiries, and they are generally also good at it. However, it may look like even the best if the landlord, for example, is not near his email or does not check it every day because of holiday.

In this case, we recommend that you call or send a text message to the landlord if he or she has provided his phone number in the advertisement.

You can also send a follow-up message via the contact form. Or you can check if the landlord has provided a link to their own website, where you may find alternative contact options.

If you still fail to contact the landlord, we recommend that you find another property and contact this landlord instead.

Fortunately, we have never had to remove an ad due to fraud! And we also do our utmost to ensure that all advertisers are serious - both private homeowners and rental agencies.

We always check new advertisers' address and contact information, just as we call them. In this way, we ensure that it is not a foreign fraudster who has submitted the advertisement.

Apart from the first 30 day free ad period, we only have paying advertisers. This helps ensure a serious approach to our advertising, and we therefore experience a general high ad standard with our advertisers.

Should you face a situation where you need to complain about a landlord, you should always contact the landlord directly. This allows the landlord to correct any errors or omissions.

Fortunately, most complaints will be resolved in memory once a constructive dialogue is commenced.

If you can not find a memorable solution with the landlord, you have two options:

A. You can contact us so we can try to mediate the matter. This allows us to deal with landlords who repeatedly receive complaints.

B. You can contact the Board of Appeal for holiday rentals.